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2021 — God’s People

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For our project during this Family Summer Camp, we would like to present each family with a challenge! Just like we find the best companions and the best protection with God’s people, your family will build a structure that will be a protection.

  1. What materials can you use to build the structure? You may use any materials you have readily available at home. Some examples might be marshmallows and toothpicks, craft sticks and glue, blankets and pillows, cardboard, boxes, etc.
  2. What kind of protection will your structure need to provide? Each family will decide what kind of protection your structure will provide. Some examples may be protection against the sun, water, wind, weight, vibration, etc.
  3. How can you prove your structure provides protection? Design a test that will show how your structure provides protection. Record this test with pictures or videos, and please send them to If your video file is too large to attach, please send it via WhatsApp at (714) 757-8952. Please, submit your pictures or videos no later than 6:00 pm on Saturday, August 19th.
  4. Who can participate in this challenge? Anybody can participate! Be sure to include all the members of your family in this challenge.

Below, you may find a few examples of what you can build and how to test it. For example, you could build a house out of cardboard, Legos, popsicle sticks, marshmallows and toothpicks, craft sticks and glue, blankets and pillows, boxes, etc., and then test it to see if it can withstand pressure, wind, water, etc.

HINT: You may first build the structure and then decide what kind of test to apply to it, or you may first think of a kind of protection you want your structure to provide, and then choose the materials you will need to build your structure.

We will share some videos you can use as examples. Have fun while you work together!

Sample 1: Structure made out of blankets, pillows, and chairs

Wind Test

Sample 2: House made out of cereal box, popsicle sticks, straw

House Instructions:
Materials: Cereal box, scissors, rulers, pencil, popsicle sticks, straw

    1. Cut cardboard to 7” x 7” and to 7 ½” x 11”
    2. Mark cut and fold lines on cardboard sheets, then cut and fold. See diagram.
    3. Fold up base cardboard.
    4. Attach the roof to the base with the straw.
    5. Use popsicle sticks to add structural support.
    6. Perform weight test.
    7. Perform wind test.
    8. Perform earthquake/shake test.


Weight Test

Vibration Test

Wind Test

Booklet Style PDF
Portrait Style PDF

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