Topics, Stories and Lessons – Elementary

A Panoramic View of the Levels We Use for the Children’s Meetings (Updated)PDF
Introduction to New Stories (Updated)PDF
Introduction to Pre-school Topics (New)PDF

Pre-schoolK-1st (Elementary)2nd/3rd (Intermediate)4th/5th (Advanced)6th Grade
Block 1 — Adam to Noah  (PDF)
Week 1Adam—Being the First Man
Week 2Adam—Having Important Responsibilities
Week 3Cain and Abel—Two Brothers, Two Choices
Week 4Seth and Enosh—Following God’s Way
Week 5Enoch—Walking with God and Talking with God
Week 6God’s Family Line
Week 7Noah—Following His Forefathers and Becoming a Righteous Man
Week 8Noah—Making the Ark Exactly How God Instructed Him
Week 9Noah and His Family—Receiving God’s Care
Week 10Noah—Being Diligent in Caring for the Ark and for Those Inside the Ark
Block 2 — Noah to Isaac
Week 11Noah—God Blessing Noah and Noah’s Children
Week 12Abraham—God Having a New Beginning (Revised on 3/4/2021)
Week 13Abraham—Depending on God
Week 14Abraham—Receiving God as a Guest
Week 15Abraham—God Keeping His Promise
Week 16Abraham—Responding and Obeying God
Week 17Isaac—Having a Life of Inheriting, Resting and Enjoying
Week 18Isaac—Trusting in God’s Ways (Revised on 2/23/2021)
Week 19Rebekah—Being Kind and Diligent (Revised on 3/4/2021)
Week 20Isaac—Keeping Peace and Being Blessed for It
Block 3 — Jacob and Joseph
Week 21Jacob—Being Born the Second
Week 22Jacob—Chosen by God
Week 23Jacob—Becoming Israel (Revised on 2/17/2021)
Week 24Joseph—The Shepherd (Revised on 2/17/2021)
Week 25Joseph—Trustworthy (Revised on 3/3/2021)
Week 26Joseph—The Dreamer
Week 27Joseph—Diligent and Responsible
Week 28Joseph—Helping Others while in Prison
Week 29Joseph—Hard Worker and Reliable
Week 30Joseph—The Ruler Who Took Care of His Family
Block 4 — Moses
Week 31Moses—The First Period of His Life
Week 32Moses—Growing Up as the Son of Pharaoh’s Daughter
Week 33Moses—Shepherding the Flock
Week 34Moses—Listening to God
Week 35Moses—Aaron Becoming Moses’ Spokesman
Week 36Moses—Not Giving Up (Revised on 5/11/2021)
Week 37Moses—Receiving the Law
Week 38Moses—Caring for the Israelites
Week 39Moses—Building the Tabernacle
Week 40Moses—Retelling the Law
Block 5 — Aaron to Ruth
Week 41Aaron and His Sons—Set Apart to Serve God
Week 42 (9/26)The Levites
Week 43 (10/3)Joshua—The Leader
Week 44 (10/17)Caleb—Strong and Determined Companion
Week 45 (10/24)Judah Helping Simeon
Week 46 (11/7)Deborah—God Raising Up a Female as a Judge of Israel
Week 47 (11/14)Gideon—Listening and Obeying God’s Word
Week 48 (11/21)Samson—Taking the Way of a Nazarite
Week 49 (12/5)Ruth—Making a Choice
Week 50 (12/12)Boaz—Caring for Ruth
Block 6 — Samuel to David
Week 51 (12/19)Hannah—Cooperating with God by Prayer
Week 52 (1/9)Samuel—Chosen by God
Week 53 (1/23)Samuel—Trained by Eli
Week 54 (1/30)Samuel—Caring for What God Wanted
Week 55 (2/6)David—A Humble Shepherd
Week 56 (2/13)David—Taking Care of His Responsibilities
Week 57 (2/27)David—His Conduct
Week 58 (3/6)David—Respecting Authority
Week 59 (3/13)David—A Psalmist
Week 60 (3/20)Jonathan—A Friend for David
Block 7 — Salomon, Kings and Prophets
Week 61 (3/27)Solomon—Receiving the Charge from His Father
Week 62 (4/10)Solomon—Asking Jehovah for an Understanding Heart
Week 63 (4/17)Jehoshaphat—Fearing God and Behaving before Him
Week 64 (4/24)Hezekiah—Doing What Was Right and Being Faithful Before Jehovah His God
Week 65 (5/1)Josiah—Loving and Following God at an Early Age
Week 66 (5/8)Daniel and His Companions—God Blessing Them with Knowledge and Insight
Week 67 (5/15)Daniel—Knowing How to Properly Ask for Something
Week 68 (5/22)Daniel—Having the Right Companions
Week 69Daniel—Praying to God for God’s Interests
Week 70Daniel—Reading the Bible
Block 8 — Ezra / Nehemiah / Esther
Week 71Zerubbabel and Nehemiah—Being Strong Governors and Very Able Leaders
Week 72Ezra—Excellent Character with a Good Reputation
Week 73Ezra—Setting His Heart
Week 74Ezra—A Scribe
Week 75Ezra—Taught the Word of God
Week 76Nehemiah—A Cupbearer and a Pleasant Person
Week 77Nehemiah—Aggressive in Volunteering Himself to Help
Week 78Nehemiah—Applying Himself to Work
Week 79Nehemiah—Seeking Help
Week 80Esther—Obeying Mordecai