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It’s breakfast time

A friend loveth at all timesCompanionIntermediateYes
Abraham was told by GodOld TestamentIntermediateNo
Adam and Abel and Enosh and EnochThe BibleAdvancedYes
All English children call Him LordGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Always pursue (1 Thessalonians 5:15b)The BibleIntermediateYes
Always rejoice (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)The BibleAdvancedYes
And be kind to one another (Ephesians 4:32)CharacterIntermediateYes
And we know that all things (Romans 8:28)The BibleAdvancedYes
And You Shall Love the Lord Your God (Mark 12:30)CharacterIntermediateYes
As a shepherd cares for his sheepCharacterIntermediateYes
Attitude, AttitudeCharacterElementaryYes
B-I-B-L-E, B-I-B-L-EThe BibleIntermediateYes
Be Strong and of Good Courage (Joshua 1:9)God, the CreatorElementaryYes
Before God put the Leaves on the TreesGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Behold, the Virgin Shall be with Child (Matthew 1:23)New TestamentAdvancedNo
Beloved, Let Us Love One Another (1 John 4:7-8)The BibleAdvancedNo
Bible Story SongsThe BibleElementaryNo
Blessed to GiveCharacterIntermediateYes
Books of the BibleThe BibleAdvancedNo
Books of the Bible — New Testament The BibleAdvancedYes
Books of the Bible — New Testament (different tune)The BibleAdvancedNo
Books of the Bible — Old TestamentThe BibleAdvancedNo
Brothers Speaking GrouchilyOld TestamentAdvancedYes
But Now, You Also, Put Away All These ThingsCharacterAdvancedNo
By faith Abraham being calledOld TestamentIntermediateYes
By Faith We UnderstandThe BibleAdvancedNo
C-O-N-S-C-I-E-N-C-E, Conscience Speaks to MeConscienceAdvancedYes
Can You Find it in Your Heart to ForgiveCharacterElementaryYes
Can You Look'em in the EyeCharacterIntermediateYes
Children Obey Your Parents in the LordCharacterIntermediateNo
Children, Obey Your ParentsCharacterElementaryYes
Choices in EverythingCharacterAdvancedYes
Choices, ChoicesCharacterIntermediateYes
Christ Would be the One SentNew TestamentAdvancedNo
Conscience, you are my good friendConscienceAdvancedYes
D-A-V-I-D, D-A-V-I-DOld TestamentElementaryYes
Diligence, FaithfulnessCharacterIntermediateYes
Do You Know What Time It Is?CharacterElementaryYes
Dog, Cat, People SongCharacterIntermediateYes
Don't Be ProudCharacterIntermediateYes
Don't Blame OthersCharacterIntermediateYes
Don't Complain When You Have A Job to DoCharacterIntermediateYes
Don't Forget, You're In DebtCharacterAdvancedYes
EmmanuelNew TestamentIntermediateYes
Enoch Did Things with GodOld TestamentIntermediateNo
Every promise in the Book is MineThe BibleElementaryYes
Exact is What We All Will BeCharacterIntermediateYes
Forgive, Forgive from Your HeartCharacterElementaryYes
Give and it Shall be Given Unto YouCharacterIntermediateYes
God Cares for MeThe BibleIntermediateYes
God Created Night and DayCharacterIntermediateYes
God Created the UniverseGod, the CreatorIntermediateNo
God Gives the SunshineGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God Has Made All ThingsGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God is GraciousGod, the CreatorIntermediateNo
God is So GoodGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God Loves Me and He Takes Care of MeCharacterIntermediateYes
God Made Me to be a ManGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
God Made the MountainsGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God Made the Universe PurposefullyGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God Placed Me HereCharacterElementaryYes
God Put Them ThereGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God Said, God SawGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God Told Noah, "Build an Ark"Old TestamentElementaryYes
God Who Has Been My ShepherdGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
God Will Do What He Said He Will DoGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God's DesignGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God's Love is PerfectCharacterIntermediateYes
God's Mercy is ShownOld TestamentIntermediateNo
God, Our GodGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
God's Word — Have I Hid in My HeartThe BibleElementaryYes
Have You Ever Said, "I'm Sorry"CharacterIntermediateYes
He's AbleGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
He, He, He, He Cares for MeGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Heaven's for EarthGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Hide God's Word in Your HeartThe BibleAdvancedYes
Honor Your Father and Your MotherCharacterIntermediateYes
Honor, Honor, HonorCharacterIntermediateYes
How about the mountainsGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
I Am So Glad That Jesus Loves MeGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
I Believe the BibleThe BibleIntermediateYes
I Believe the promise of GodGod, the CreatorElementaryNo
I Can be Diligent Each DayCharacterElementaryYes
I Can Read the Bible The BibleElementaryYes
I Have a Free WillConscienceAdvancedYes
I Have Learned A Lesson NowGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
I Have My Very Own ConscienceConscienceIntermediateYes
I Love God with All My HeartGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
I Love God, He Put the Leaves on the TreesGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
I Love My Mom and DadCharacterElementaryYes
I Love the Bible, the Word of GodThe BibleElementaryYes
I Love to Hear Stories of JesusNew TestamentIntermediateYes
I wanna be good groundThe BibleAdvancedYes
I Want to Thank God for Making MeGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
I'd Like to be Found Faithful in All of the Little ThingsCharacterIntermediateYes
I'd Like to Honor YouCharacterAdvancedNo
I'd Rather be with the People of GodCompanionAdvancedNo
I'll Share My Verse with YouThe BibleElementaryYes
I'm a Protecting FatherCharacterAdvancedYes
I'm a Vessel This I KnowGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
I'm Gonna Stand Up, Sit DownGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
If You are Grateful, Show it so We Know it CharacterIntermediateYes
If You Want a Great Big SmileCompanionElementaryYes
In All the World There's Just One BookThe BibleElementaryYes
In All We SpeakCharacterElementaryYes
In Every Situation Ask YourselfCharacterAdvancedYes
In the Beginning God CreatedGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
In the Beginning, The Triune God CreatedGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
In the Whole Universe God Has a HouseholdFamilyElementaryYes
Is There Anything Too Hard for the LordOld TestamentAdvancedNo
It's Better to ObeyCharacterElementaryYes
It's God's WordThe BibleElementaryYes
It’s “Yes”, “Thank you”, “Please”, and “May I”CharacterElementaryYes
It’s breakfast timeGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Jehovah Has Chosen You to be a PeopleGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
Jehovah is Righteous in All His WaysGod, the CreatorAdvancedNo
Jesus is Here — He's Back AgainNew TestamentAdvancedYes
Jesus is the Lord and He Cares for MeNew TestamentElementaryYes
Jesus Love is Very WonderfulNew TestamentElementaryYes
Jesus Loves the Children Just Like You, You, YouNew TestamentElementaryYes
Joy, Joy, Joy, In My Heart is RingingNew TestamentAdvancedYes
Just as Abraham LearnedOld TestamentIntermediateYes
Just Open Up Your EyesGod, the CreatorElementaryNo
Learn How to be Faithful TodayCharacterIntermediateYes
Let Every Person BeCharacterAdvancedYes
Let the Word of Christ DwellThe BibleAdvancedYes
Let the Word of God Dwell In You RichlyThe BibleAdvancedYes
Let the Young Children ComeNew TestamentElementaryNo
Let's Honor with MannerCharacterAdvancedYes
Let's Say Please CharacterElementaryYes
Listen, Listen, It's Your ConscienceConscienceIntermediateYes
Listen, Listen, Your Conscience Speaks to YouConscienceIntermediateYes
Look at All the Flowers and Look at All the TreesGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Lord, As a Child I Asked YouCharacterIntermediateYes
Lord, Today, Keep My HeartCharacterAdvancedYes
May Be Big or May Be SmallCompanionIntermediateNo
Memorize the Bible, MemorizeThe BibleIntermediateYes
Move with God, wherever He leads usThe BibleAdvancedYes
My Father Knows Before You AskGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
My God is Kind to MeCharacterIntermediateYes
My Mom Asked Me to Stay InsideCharacterIntermediateYes
My Times Are in His Hands (Psalm 31:15)The BibleIntermediateYes
Never Forget! That It's God Who Created YouGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
No Man Ever Spoke Like JesusNew TestamentAdvancedYes
No matter how we lookNew TestamentAdvancedYes
No One Likes to be Left outCharacterIntermediateNo
No One Thought He'd be the KingOld TestamentIntermediateNo
Not one sparrow falls to the earth (Matthew 10:29-31)New TestamentElementaryYes
Now Unto the King EternalGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
Obey Your Father and Mother in the LordCharacterElementaryYes
Obey Your Mom and DadCharacterIntermediateYes
Oh, I am S-T-E-A-D-F-A-S-T!CharacterIntermediateYes
Oh, I Will V-O-L-U-N-T-E-E-R!CharacterIntermediateYes
Oh, I'm Just too Young to Drive a CarCharacterElementaryYes
Oh, the Grass will WitherThe BibleIntermediateYes
Oh, We Can SingThe BibleIntermediateYes
Oh, Yes I Can Choose My FriendCompanionIntermediateYes
Oh, Yes I Can, I Can Memorize My Bible VerseThe BibleIntermediateYes
One Minute, Two Minute, Three MinuteCharacterElementaryYes
Only a Boy Named DavidOld TestamentIntermediateNo
Orderly, Orderly, Camp and Tribe, FamilyGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
Our God cares for usCharacterIntermediateYes
Our God is So BigGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Parents and Teachers, Leaders and the CoachCharacterIntermediateYes
People Like to Know How Things Have OccurredGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
Played with My Friend and Made Him MadCompanionElementaryYes
Praise Him, Praise Him, All Ye Little ChildrenGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Pursue, Pursue, Peace to All MenCharacterIntermediateNo
R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y CharacterIntermediateYes
Rejoice in the Lord AlwaysGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
Remember Your Creator While You are YoungGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
Remember, Remember, Remember God Made YouGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
Respect, RespectCharacterIntermediateYes
S-O-R-R-Y, I Feel Bad InsideCharacterElementaryYes
Say, Say, Say You're SorryCharacterElementaryYes
She Likes This Shirt the Very BestCharacterAdvancedYes
Silver and Gold Have I None (Acts 3:1-10)New TestamentIntermediateYes
Singing, Praying, Praising, ThankingGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Sometimes is Hard Even Though You Might Feel BadCharacterElementaryYes
Tell the TruthCharacterIntermediateYes
Tell the Truth, Tell the TruthCharacterAdvancedYes
Thank You GodGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
The B-I-B-L-E, Yes, That's the Book for MeThe BibleElementaryYes
The Bible is the Word of GodThe BibleElementaryYes
The Bible is the Word of God, it ContainsThe BibleElementaryYes
The Bible Says to Honor GodThe BibleIntermediateYes
The heavens and the earth God madeGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
The Lord Said to Samuel (1 Samuel 16:1-13)Old TestamentAdvancedNo
The Pharaoh of Egypt Said of IsraelOld TestamentAdvancedNo
The Truth You Tried So Hard to HideCharacterAdvancedYes
There is a Name I Love to HearNew TestamentElementaryYes
There Were Twelve DisciplesNew TestamentIntermediateYes
There's a Part Inside of MeConscienceAdvancedYes
Therefore Keep the Commandments of JehovahOld TestamentAdvancedYes
To Bless or Speak WellCharacterAdvancedYes
To Make Happy, To Wish Happiness ToGod, the CreatorIntermediateYes
Trust and ObeyGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
Twenty Four HoursCharacterIntermediateYes
Under the Shining Star so BrightNew TestamentIntermediateNo
Watch Out, Or You Might Lose Your PleaseCharacterElementaryYes
We are in a houseFamilyElementaryYes
We are the household of GodThe BibleIntermediateYes
We Toiled All Night and Caught No FishNew TestamentAdvancedYes
We've Found the Way to Enjoy LifeCharacterAdvancedYes
Well My Mother Packed Me Some Extra CakeCharacterAdvancedNo
What makes us special?The BibleAdvancedYes
Whatever God Says is TrueGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Whatever Jehovah PleasesGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
When Noah Worked Upon the ArkOld TestamentAdvancedYes
When We are Kind to OthersCharacterElementaryYes
When We are Young, There’s a “Pressure”ConscienceAdvancedYes
Wherever You Go I will GoOld TestamentIntermediateYes
Who Made the World So Big and RoundGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Why was a Cup MadeGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
Wonderf’lly, Wonderf’llyGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Would You Like to Thank the LordGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
Yes in My Bible NowThe BibleIntermediateYes
You Did Not Choose MeGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes
You Shall Have No Other Gods Before MeGod, the CreatorElementaryYes
You Shall Not Fear the Face of ManGod, the CreatorAdvancedYes