Topics, Stories and Lessons – Advanced

A Panoramic View of the Levels We Use for the Children’s Meetings (Updated)PDF
Introduction to New Stories (Updated)PDF
Introduction to Pre-school Topics (New)PDF

Pre-schoolK-1st (Elementary)2nd/3rd (Intermediate)4th/5th (Advanced)6th Grade
Block 1 — Result of Fall  (PDF)
Week 1Rebellion and Restoration
Week 2Man Resembles God
Week 3Being Tempted
Week 4Disobeying Jehovah’s Instruction
Week 5Jealousy and Anger—Cain and Abel
Week 6A Culture without God
Week 7The Ones who Choose God and His Way
Week 8God’s Repentance of Making Man
Week 9Noah’s Family Building the Ark
Week 10Eight Being Preserved for God (Revised on 3/4/2021)
Block 2 — Result of Entering the Good Land
Week 11God Has Placed Those in Authority
Week 12Rulers and Nations
Week 13Building a Tower Brings God’s Judgment
Week 14Abraham’s Response to God’s Calling
Week 15The Captivity of Lot
Week 16Abraham Being Blest
Week 17Abraham—Not Being Attracted By Earthly Gain
Week 18God’s Judgment
Week 19Abraham—Losing Years of God’s Presence
Week 20Finding the Right Bride for Isaac—God’s Choice
Block 3 — Outcomes of Jacob and Joseph
Week 21Jacob—Having to Flee
Week 22Jacob—Laboring for Laban
Week 23Jacob—Protecting Himself from His Brother Esau
Week 24Jacob’s Preference for Joseph
Week 25Reaction to Joseph’s Dream
Week 26Joseph’s Behavior according to His Dreams
Week 27Joseph Thrown into Prison
Week 28Joseph’s Helping Others
Week 29Joseph Becoming the Governor of Egypt
Week 30Joseph Caring for His Family
Block 4 — Wilderness
Week 31The Experience of Marah
Week 32Rules Related to Manna are Broken
Week 33The Plan of the Tabernacle and the Golden Calf
Week 34The Breaking of the Tablets of the Law (1)
Week 35The Breaking of the Tablets of the Law (2)
Week 36The Building of the Tabernacle
Week 37Speaking Against Moses
Week 38Not Believing in God
Week 39The Rebellion of Korah
Week 40Two and a Half Tribes Choosing the Land East to the Jordan
Block 5 — Frustrations in the Land
Week 41Crossing Over into the Good Land
Week 42 (9/26)Believing Delivers Us from Destruction
Week 43 (10/3)The Defeat at Ai
Week 44 (10/17)Deceived by the Gibeonites (Revised on 9/30/2021)
Week 45 (10/24)The Allotment of the Land
Week 46 (11/7)The Passing of Joshua
Week 47 (11/14)Deborah
Week 48 (11/21)Gideon—His Failure
Week 49 (12/5)Samson—His Failure
Week 50 (12/12)Elimelech, Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz
Block 6 — Struggling with a Kingdom
Week 51 (12/19)Samuel—Cooperated with His Parents and with God
Week 52 (1/9)Samuel—Learning How to Have a Living for God
Week 53 (1/23)The Ark is Lost
Week 54 (1/30)Wanting to Be Like the Nations
Week 55 (2/6)The Loss of the Kingship Because of Disobedience
Week 56 (2/13)David is Prepared to be King
Week 57 (2/27)David Waiting Nearly Fifteen Years
Week 58 (3/6)Saul Refusing to Submit to God’s Choice
Week 59 (3/13)Jonathan not Standing for the Truth
Week 60 (3/20)David Having a Heart for God and His People
Block 7 — Idolatry and Division
Week 61 (3/27)Solomon—Seeking an Understanding Heart to Judge God’s People
Week 62 (4/10)Solomon—Building the Temple according to David’s Charge
Week 63 (4/17)Solomon—Not Being Restricted
Week 64 (4/24)Rehoboam—Not Listening to Wise Counsel
Week 65 (5/1)Jeroboam—Israel Divided into Two Kingdoms
Week 66 (5/8)Hezekiah—Making a Promise
Week 67 (5/15)Josiah—Seeking God and His Word
Week 68 (5/22)Elisha—Setting a Feast for Israel’s Enemies