Topics, Stories and Lessons – Intermediate

A Panoramic View of the Levels We Use for the Children’s Meetings (Updated)PDF
Introduction to New Stories (Updated)PDF
Introduction to Pre-school Topics (New)PDF

Pre-schoolK-1st (Elementary)2nd/3rd (Intermediate)4th/5th (Advanced)6th Grade
Block 1 — Creation, Fall, and Flood (PDF)
Week 1God Creating (1)
Week 2God Creating (2)
Week 3Adam and Eve—Were Given a Choice
Week 4Adam and Eve—Receiving God’s Forgiveness
Week 5Cain and Abel—Honoring God
Week 6Enosh and Enoch—Depending on God
Week 7Noah—Preparing for the Flood
Week 8Noah—Choosing to Enter the Ark
Week 9Noah—Passing Through the Flood (Revised on 3/4/2021)
Week 10Noah—The End of the Flood (Revised on 3/4/2021)
Block 2 — Babel and Good Land
Week 11Entering a New World
Week 12The Building of the Tower—A Name for Themselves
Week 13Having a New Beginning—God Choosing and Calling
Week 14Abraham—Responding to God’s Call
Week 15Abraham—Living a Simple Life of Faith
Week 16Abraham—Learning the Lesson that God Takes Care of Him
Week 17Abraham Allowing Lot to Choose First (Revised on 2/23/2021)
Week 18Abraham—the Friend of God
Week 19The Birth of Isaac—the Time of Life
Week 20The One Isaac Marries (Revised on 2/23/2021)
Block 3 — Good Land to Egypt
Week 21Jacob—Wanting to Be First
Week 22Jacob’s Dream at Bethel
Week 23Jacob—Wrestling with God
Week 24Joseph—Having Two Dreams and His Brothers Being Jealous of Him
Week 25Joseph—Cared For by God
Week 26Joseph—Speaking Boldly and by Faith
Week 27Joseph—Being Encouraged
Week 28Joseph—Sober and Self-disciplined
Week 29Joseph—Dealing with His Brothers
Week 30Jacob and Joseph—The End of Genesis
Block 4 — Egypt to Good Land
Week 31The Children of Israel—Sovereignly Cared For By God (Revised on 5/11/2021)
Week 32Moses—A Prepared Person, Called By God
Week 33Moses—Going to Pharaoh (Revised on 5/11/2021)
Week 34The Exodus from Egypt—the Passover
Week 35The Exodus from Egypt—Crossing the Red Sea
Week 36The Children of Israel—Praising, then Complaining
Week 37The Children of Israel—God Feeding His People
Week 38Moses—The Ten Commandments (1)
Week 39Moses—The Ten Commandments (2)
Week 40The Tabernacle—God’s Dwelling Place
Block 5 — Occupying the Land
Week 41Being Formed into an Army
Week 42 (9/26)Journeying by Following the Cloud
Week 43 (10/3)Rahab and the Two Spies
Week 44 (10/17)Crossing the River Jordan
Week 45 (10/24)The Destruction of Jericho
Week 46 (11/7)The Need for Judges
Week 47 (11/14)Deborah and Barak—Defeating Jabin King of Canaan
Week 48 (11/21)Gideon—The Defeat of Midian
Week 49 (12/5)Samson—His Might
Week 50 (12/12)The Story of the Book of Ruth
Block 6 — Establishing Kingdom
Week 51 (12/19)Samuel—A Man according to God
Week 52 (1/9)The Children of Israel Wanting a King
Week 53 (1/23)Saul—Being Disobedient to God
Week 54 (1/30)God’s Selection of David
Week 55 (2/6)David—Entering into Saul’s Service
Week 56 (2/13)David—Defeating Goliath
Week 57 (2/27)Saul’s Envy
Week 58 (3/6)David—Talking to God
Week 59 (3/13)David—Honoring and Respecting Saul
Week 60 (3/20)David—Becoming King
Block 7 — Kingdom Degrading
Week 61 (3/27)David—Wanting to Build a House for God
Week 62 (4/10)Solomon—Building a House for God
Week 63 (4/17)The Division of the Kingdom of Israel
Week 64 (4/24)The Kings
Week 65 (5/1)Elijah the Prophet—Loving and Worshiping the One True and Living God
Week 66 (5/8)Stubbornness Leading to Destruction and Captivity
Week 67 (5/15)Daniel and His Companions—Following God’s Ways
Week 68 (5/22)Daniel—Interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
Week 69Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah—Not Worshipping the Image
Week 70Daniel—His Faithfulness to God and Being Delivered from the Lions’ Den
Block 8 — Recovery
Week 71The Decree of Cyrus, King of Persia
Week 72Response of the Children of Israel Led by Zerubbabel and Jeshua
Week 73The Plan Was Carried Out According to Instructions
Week 74The Rebuilding of God’s House
Week 75Ezra—A Scribe who Taught God’s Law to the Children of Israel
Week 76Nehemiah the Cupbearer—His Unselfish Care for God’s People
Week 77The Rebuilding of the Wall
Week 78Coming Back to God by Coming Back to His Word
Week 79Esther—Standing Up for Her People
Week 80Mordecai—Being a Noble and Honorable Man