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Before God put the leaves on the trees
Did the mountains and the trees just happen
God made me (added on 2/15/21)
God placed me here
God placed me here (no intro)
God's design
He, He, He, He cares for me
Heaven’s for earth
Hold out your hands
How about the mountains
I can be diligent each day
I’m a vessel this I know
Jesus love is very wonderful (added on 2/15/21)
Never forget! That it’s God who created you
Oh, I'm just too young to drive a car
Our God is so big
We rush through the door (added on 2/15/21)
We're in a house
Wonderf’lly, Wonderf’lly
As a shepherd cares for his sheep
Choices, choices (added on 2/15/21)
Diligence, faithfulness
Don't blame others
God cares for me

God cares for me (no intro)
Have you ever said I'm sorry (added on 2/15/21)
I have learned a lesson now
I have my very own conscience
Lord, as a child I ask You
No matter how we look
Not one sparrow
Our God cares for us
And we know all things (Romans 8:28)
God made me to be a man
I love God with all my heart
Let every person be
The heavens and the earth God made